Friday, May 7, 2010

Time Square

It’s really strange to be able to see things; same things, from completely different point of view without having to have multiple personality!

Being in the land of violence, death, lawless and experiencing life threats every day and hearing about some incident that could have killed innocent people, well from that point of view it’s nothing, important….but from the land of peacefulness, life, law and ability to plan a year ahead it’s a very big thing.

I heard the news and was totally shocked, flashbacks started, it brought back the dark memories that we are trying so hard to put behind, I kind of experienced it all again…after having 3 months of peace; which is the longest time I have ever experienced . After all of that, explosions are here! I just started to live normally and believe me living normally is such a huge great thing, I’m sure anyone not from Iraq will not be able to appreciate it, but it’s the best blessing a human can have. Believe me you don’t know the value of being able to go out of home and being 99% sure you’ll get back in one piece, being able to walk with pride; walking tall fearing no one, and I mean no one at all as long you are not breaking the law which is something I have never done even in a lawless country, being able to go shopping with your family without fear, leaving your wife at home knowing that nothing will happen to her, being able to rest on the couch without thinking of the fuel, gas, water or electricity, even the smallest things (please don’t laugh at that) like a correct microwave clock because the electricity never cuts off; yes it’s something to me, as I told you, you will never be able to appreciate what you have and if I want to go on I will never stop…and among that peace comes a stupid bastard who wants to destroy this dream, who wants to kill innocent people who have done nothing for him but giving him his dream!

And now someone will write a comment that I became an agent or something and sold my country! Here comes someone who will say that millions of Iraqis have been killed by Americans…would that explosion kill the ones who did that? And he would say didn’t they vote for Bush twice…yes, they did. And if you live the dream and live in this isolation from the news of Iraq or the region in general, you would understand why did they voted twice and why they are with their government, they fear for their future…after 9/11 and watching this disaster the government tells them that they are targeted and such things will continue to occur unless they go and fight it in the homeland of terrorism of course they would support the government…how could an average American know that Iraq had no terrorists before the war if his government is telling him there is? Bad soldiers are there, just like bad people because the soldiers are people they are not perfectly built machines, the call for the war was a huge mistake, no doubt … What I’m trying to say is that most of the Americans people are not the ones who are to be blamed and hated…and believe me when I say those bastard; the fanatic Islamists are hated more by the average Muslims than the rest of the world.

Now, I think I should start discussing the incident, rationally, that man is the last to expect to do such a thing, he is a very well educated man that comes from a very good family who spent many years in the states building his future, who have a very good job, a very good life, literally he is living a dream… he is married to women who isn’t covered and that means he is not fanatic..etc, why would he do such a thing? What did Taliban have on him, how could they convince him to do such a thing, as I see him he is just like any other American but why Taliban targeted him?

From my point of view, they could target many Americans, there are many criminals who wouldn’t care to kill thousands for money and sometimes just for pleasure, there are criminals from every nationality, every religion and don’t forget that the first crime in history was a brother killing his brother so why did they chose this Pakistanian Muslim, I think and I’m almost sure: to make it look like it’s for the cause! If they used a Christian American it would be something totally different and it will never give the correct impression, but when they used Shahzad it gave the image they wanted to give…he is fighting for the cause…I wish the reality of why did he accepted to do that or wanted to do it will be revealed soon, I wish this will be the last incident...When will terror ends? may you burn in life before death you stupid terrorists all over the world, you ruined so many countries already when will you have enough, god damn you.


LJM said...

There are always going to be people who want to do a lot of damage. We saw it happen in Oklahoma City and by the Unibomber. Then there are the crazy serial killers who want to kill one by one. We just have to be grateful for good police work in catching this one. Then you have to not let it get to you. Go about your life and enjoy something everyday. If you don't and slip back into the feeling you had living in the war zone of Baghdad, the terrorists win.

Judith Weingarten said...

The Taliban found a real sucker, Shahzad, and they used him. He was bomb fodder. Just like several of the last would-be terrorists. What does this tell us? What should we be learning from these recent events?

San Antonio Cicily said...

He's an attractive guy what a waste of his life, he could have accompolished so much! I hope he did not have children!

Don Cox said...

"Believe me you don't know the value of being able to go out of home and being 99% sure you'll get back in one piece,"

I can partly understand because we lived with the IRA terror campaign for decades. It was never safe to be in a shopping centre.

It is a great relief that the IRA campaign is (almost) over. I hope one day the jihadi campaign in Algeria, Iraq, and elsewhere around the world will fade out.

Chris said...

Your voice and the images you show continue to be a powerful testament to humanity in the inhumanity of never-ending war. I know there are many around the world who would join me in saying, keep speaking, keep your courage and keep telling the truth. Please take care of yourself. America is my country (though my country is really the world) and with this war it is wrong and must leave Iraq and Afghanistan now. Peace. Salaam.

Angel said...

Dr M, I stopped following your blog some time ago. The reason being that at one point you welcomed the US invasion of Iraq. It seems there is a slight shift in your thinking.

I'd like to know your thoughts now. Was it was worth the cost of hundreds and thousands of lives and the state of chaos that now exists? Was it worth the loss of a whole generation of children? (This includes members of my own family)

I'd also like to know what you think about the poisening of Iraq's water supply with DU by the US, also on the horrific birth defects caused by the same.

There's a lot more about Afghanistan, including the backing of the Mujahideen (Taliban) by the US when Russia invaded, and ther continued backing after their withdrawal.

The West has been invading the Middle East for centuries, and I don't beleive it has ever done the ME any good. It has always been under the guise of "liberation". There is too much manipulation by the US by far.

This post is not specific to the topic. I realise you are living an awful existence day by day and if you don't get time to answer this I guess I'll understand. Plase keep youself and your family safe.

I truly believe that the removal of Saddam lifted the lid on Pandora's Box.

The question is with the manipulation by the US of both Iraq and Afghanistan, can the lid be resealed?