Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alawi, now's the test, how will you do?

Wow, what's happening? Facebook went crazy! everyone (well almost everyone) is having a status in one way or another congratulating Iraqis for the winning of Alawi, some added "Bye Bye Iran" or something similar, some posted some really funny videos making fun of Maliki and how Alawi won, I can say 80% of my friends on Facebook are so happy for the winning of Alawi, as for me I can say I have hope and feeling sort of victorious.
Being so far away from my homeland made me a bit isolated, difficulty in getting the media sources I used to use, big difference in time zones makes it a bit hard to communicate with my friends in Iraq but I try my best to keep us with everything going on there...."there" where I used to live, laugh, cry and suffer.
In Adhamiya, the streets were filled with people celebrating the victory of the Iraqi list (333) of Dr.Ayad Alawi till after midnight, the man whom most moderate Iraqis sees hope in him since he's secular, hits with a fist of steel and the security situation in his time was the best since 2003.
I always chose him in every election I participated in, and unfortunately at the time he won I hadn't participated, what a shame I didn't have a role in the victory.
The man have a great Charisma, and many people likes him for that, at least he doesn't speak by the name of religion or sect because we had more than enough from this bullshit...religion is between a man and his god, it's not meant to be a way to divide people, prefer people over the others regardless of their capabilities, or let a man kill another, that's not what religion is, that's an abuse of religion, this man is a Shiite but almost all the Sunnis loves him even the ones who didn't chose him in elections.
Now I'm thinking what will happen, will he be up to the task? won't he let his supporters down? will he make Iraq a better and safer place? will he lead the miserable economy ahead? will he be able to end the scary corruption? many work waiting for you Doc.
I REALLY REALLY hope he will, I really hope he wouldn't change....I wonder 3 years from now, will I regret what I have just written after discovering that he is no different that the rest, or will I be able to say:"haven't I told you long time ago?" well, I should leave that to time.
now I just remembered when me and my old man were discussing the political situation before the previous elections when Maliki won and he said "don't even think that Alawi will win, not now for sure" and I asked him why is that? when he said:"they * referring to the US government* will not let Alawi win because the situation now is really disturbed and whoever will win for sure will make mistakes, they like Alawi so they will let some of the "religion speaking guys" win, they want them to do the dirty jobs and reveal them so people will know what they really are and when Iraq is partially clean they will bring the clean man"....well, that was a good theory.
Iraq, I wish you all the best and may Alawi be a good man and a good leader as he seems so that the misery days for you and your people will come to an end.
above are some photos my friend took to the celebrations in Adhmiya.


LJM said...

The New York Times has a story online saying Maliki got the Iraqi supreme court to rule that he can form a government, even though he didn't win the most seats. Also, the group that banned the Sunis (read Chalabi) is banning about 50 of those who won seats, mostly from the Allawi list. So it seems Iraq has an election like we had in 2000, when Bush went to the SCOTUS and got a ruling that made him winner over Gore. I'm very sorry this is happening. If Allawi is robbed of his victory, I can see violence happening in Iraq. The whole point was for Iraq to have a free and fair election. When Maliki and Chalabi didn't get their way claiming fraud and asking for a recount, they've resorted to election tactics that pretty much would have been used by Saddam or the Quds Force in Iran. I'm really glad you got away from Iraq, Mohammed. It'll be difficult for a few years, but you are safe. You and your family have a plan and are on your way:)

Harry Barnes said...

How do you see my assessment of the results - ?

Bruno said...

Another good post by the Doctor! ;)

The result is positive for Iraq indeed, not least because power is becoming distributed in a balanced manner.


" In a secret ruling made by the Iraqi Supreme Court the day before the results were released, they determined that it is not the winner of the plurality in the elections, but the one with the most seats left at the time of the parliament’s sitting, that gets first crack at forming a government.

Already Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose State of Law bloc came in second at 89 seats, has ordered Sunni MPs from Iraqiya’s list detained. At least one is in custody, two others are in hiding and the whereabouts of the fourth is uncertain.

And they may not be the last, as the Justice and Accountability Commission (JAC), a group which barred several of Allawi’s candidates ahead of the election, says it isn’t done. Monday when the names of the MPs are formally released, the JAC says they intend to disqualify more candidates from Iraqiya. "

Looks like Maliki wants to play dirty.

LJM said...

How convenient that Ahmed Chalabi is on the commission to disqualify people from having a seat in parliament and yet he's won a seat for himself. He wants to be Prime Minister, himself. According to the NYTs, that commission has disqualifed over 50 winners, mostly from Allawi's list saying they have ties to the former Baath party.

Marcus said...

Another interesting post. Hope you're doing well in the US.

Omar Muhammad said...

Hey Dr.
I'm Iraqi and i can accept one thing, Allawi won with cheating and lying. everyone knows it is not the true results. everyone knows that Allawi when was the PM did nothing but killing people who were against the US occupation.
damn to Allawi and all the Baa'thists.
it is obvious that US wants al-baath back in order to fight iran . the thing we are-all the true faithful iraqis- are tired of.
Allawi is a CIA agent. and American-iranian war shoulnd happen on an iraqi land. the south of iraq, the region of saddam's fucking shameful of death.
Allawi, as everyone knows, is a big liar. and he made use of the sunni leaders who are in his list to reach.
all iraqis know the truth. and people have nothing bad to say about al-maliki, except -he is iranian- and thats another weak shameful lying.
Al-maliki started a way in the suitable time, and the iraqis hope he will keep going to fiinish his job.
At least, he is pure iraqi, not of a lebanonain mother like allawi. allawi is even a bad doctor, how can i except a successful leading from somenone already failied in his original work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I belong to a tribe in al-anbar, and we are about 300,000persons who voted for "State of law co-alition". and no one knows for whom our votes went.